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Queen Trix: Welcome to dominatrix I’m Goddess Alexi and I’m queen Trix.
We’re here today to talk about the platform how we started the platform and where we’re looking to
take it for you guys Goddess Alexi is gonna go first.
Goddess Alexi: so hey guys, I’ve been in the industry for 13 years and I’ve obviously done real-time sessions and worked on various different cam platforms and I’ve got a great client base and I found obviously with Covid it was mainly focused on cam because we couldn’t do the sessions so I really found there was something missing for doms just to go online and have the right clientele so that’s when we came up with this idea of Domin8trix.
Queen trick to tell you how she approached me about starting this business
Queen Trix: so obviously you’ve got Goddess Alexi as she’s already said it’s been in the industry a very long time. A lot of platforms out there currently charge quite a lot of commission and that was part of the reason we wanted to do this today as well is to kind of tell people the background about what it takes to set something like this up.
Setting up a platform with webcam is not straightforward at all it’s quite complicated it’s very complex.
I could see a massive gap in the market for it and wanted I wanted to offer a cam service that people didn’t feel the need to get their clothes off because this industry just isn’t about that. Some people just want to see you know ladies that are dressed in a bit of latex and that’s all they need
and we wanted to get that message out there to the majority of people that are also in the industry and feel that they need to do that in order to make a bit of money that isn’t the case at all.
We obviously started then looking into webcam platforms we’ve actually got a developer that’s onboard that’s developed the whole platform, we also have a payment process in place, we have to follow guidelines, we’ve had to follow regulations, we’ve got merchant banks that are not that we’re now using to take transactions.
Also with having those elements added to the platform, it was to make you guys aware that they
actually charge massive rates to be able to do webcam platforms like this. Some of them charge us anywhere from 10% all the way up to 15% just purely to do a webcam.
As an industry, we’re offering this platform to not only help people within the industry but also to do training with them talk to them about how to do actual elements of BDSM or even for clientele that are interested in this industry but don’t know how to get into it, so it’s kind of like that’s why we wanted to just give you guys a little bit of an overview as to what it’s about. It’s not as straightforward as you may think like we’re going to take 50% commission from you, it’s because of all the charges that the banks have.
They also have something called a rolling reserve which is quite a large amount that also has to be held in an account for six months, so that can’t even be touched and a lot of competitors actually add that on and give that to the actual ladies so they’re taking that fee from you guys to be able to basically be able to pay it, it goes back into their pocket. We are sacrificing that fee ourselves and so that’s why we wanted to come on there and kind of give you a bit of background knowledge as to why some of these platforms take what they do.
A lot of them have facility charges admin fees, all these other fees that actually you don’t necessarily know about so that’s why we wanted to build something that was morally right for people too.
We’re not here to take people’s money, we are here to spread the load share the love and provide something where you guys can also come to us on a personal level. We’re going to be starting
blogs for people and we’re also then potentially going to be looking at creating actual studios across the UK where people can feel comfortable and use a studio with the setting behind them and take this to another level and give people an opportunity to really show their skill sets and with the help of
Goddess Alexi, she’ll be able to help with the training. We’re looking at doing training academies and all that sort of good stuff.
I don’t know if you’ve got anything else to add Goddess Alexi?
Goddess Alexi: Yeah we just want to be there just to support and really just focus on the dom’s coming onto our platform so that guys will come along being the right clientele for the models and actually really experience the kind of experiential fantasy or fetish whatever it may be and go on a journey whether you’re new, whether you’re a new sub coming along that’s fine, you can find the right dom on our platform and as time goes on the number of doms will be growing and we’ll be glad.
There are doms currently on our site who are there to still take you on that journey.
Queen Trix: It’s very very new guys. We are literally a baby company and we’re going into a realm of trying to compete with some of the massive competitors and believe me, I’m a businesswoman and Goddess Alexi knows her stuff, knows the industry inside and out and that’s why we work quite well.
We’re a perfect synergy to make this business and take dominatrix to another level. We want new clients to come aboard to experience it. We also really want people to feedback on the site as this is really crucial for the doms that want to come onto it and from the clients as well.
Yeah so please guys please come to our Twitter page which is @TheDominatrix, the website is so come and check us out.
Any questions that people might have please feel free to comment on our Twitter page or come across and send us a message on our website.
Thank you for listening
Goddess Alexi: Thank you guys bye!

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MODEL: Goddess Alexi

I am Mistress Alexi who has been in the industry for 12 years and have loved every minute of it and will be for many more years to come as domination is 100% part of me.

I am a strict, sensual dominatrix with a sadistic mind who loves the beauty of a submissive male when getting ruined mentally, physically and financially by me.

If you have been typically a vanilla guy your whole life but want an introduction to the darker side come and start your training with me now and I will guide you on your new journey and fulfil your fantasies you have desired.

Respect is key to me, open your wallets and perfect obedience.
Do not let my smile fool you.
I will get you on your knees for me.

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