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My devoted slave that become my Paypig

In 2013 whilst on cam I had a regular who became my devoted piggy slave who used to come and chat to me virtually to understand what BDSM was about as he was a complete novice to the BDSM world. He confessed he had been an admirer from afar and thought camming with me would be the easiest way to get to know me also, how to serve in person online before real-time. Then I worked on his mind to understand his kink, desires which were findom and slave training.

My devoted slave that become my Paypig

After a few months of camming my slave arranged a real-time session. As he entered my domestic setting dungeon I had him on his knees like a quivering mess showing me respect and gratitude placing an envelope in my hand followed by kissing my boots and thanking me. I left the room for 5 minutes. Slave was ordered to remove his clothing and be waiting naked on his knees ready for me to collar and leash him. Exactly where he belongs.

Under the leash my piggy slave, I then paraded him around the room behind my PVC bodysuit/boots showing my figure and letting him know this body is a temple which he fully understood and knew his place, just grateful to be on his knees for me. Sessions then continued on a regular basis. 


It was all about the mental side of things in the D/S relationship, treating me like a goddess which he became my pay pig very quickly. Slave covered some of my bills monthly, took me shopping. He would carry my bags and pay for my goods and oink at me in public when giving me cash at the ATM for my entertainment, which I loved and makes me chuckle.

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MODEL: Goddess Alexi

I am Mistress Alexi who has been in the industry for 12 years and have loved every minute of it and will be for many more years to come as domination is 100% part of me.

I am a strict, sensual dominatrix with a sadistic mind who loves the beauty of a submissive male when getting ruined mentally, physically and financially by me.

If you have been typically a vanilla guy your whole life but want an introduction to the darker side come and start your training with me now and I will guide you on your new journey and fulfil your fantasies you have desired.

Respect is key to me, open your wallets and perfect obedience.
Do not let my smile fool you.
I will get you on your knees for me.

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